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In order to obtain a competitive product on the local and international market

it is important to maintain the superior quality of the fruits.

Innovative technologies contribute to achieving the most important quality criteria in the process of producing horticultural crops.

That is why Codru ST continues to work on the development of high-performance technologies that ensure the high quality of exported products over time and the expansion of the trading market. We are supported by the Association of Producers and Exporters of Freuits “Moldova Fruct” and the programs funded by development partners (Government of the Republic of Moldova, USAID, UNDP).

We use modern tractors intended for use in fruit and wine plantations, which ensure maximum efficiency and quality of mechanized work and help us achieve superior quality products for customers and end users.

Plantations are maintained with application of phytosanitary measures with use of modern sprinklers destined exclusively for orchards and vineyards. These processes are very important for the prevention and control of pests, and the quality of spraying also influences the level of residues in the finished fruit products. We are proud of the fact that Codru ST fruits are accepted on all international markets and meet almost all international food safety rules.

The apple harvesting platform is one of the technologies that helped mechanize the harvesting process.

The Pluk-O-Trak propelled platform was purchased from one of Europe’s safest manufacturers of harvesting machines, Munckhof.

For over 40 years, the enterprise has been providing horticultural crop producers with high-quality harvesting techniques.

Technical capabilities

Harvesting capacity is of 1500 kg per hour

  • works on varied relief surfaces: hilly, sandy, rocky, and other types of land, making it easy to handle in the transport process
  • the workers pick the fruits and place them on 4 conveyor belts, which are coupled to one of the storage containers. The container conveyor has pivoting wheels and can raise them to the required level by means of an electrically driven pump
  • high harvesting capacity: 1.5 tons / hour, ensuring high yields for harvesting
  • offers the possibility of simultaneous work of 6 workers, which allows immediate processing of the production, directly in the field
  • is equipped with pneumatic compressor and scissors, thus the machine can be used for the cleaning of the trees and for the installation of the anti-hail nets.


  • fruits are protected from mechanical defects and harvest corresponds to GAP quality standards
  • the harvest process is facilitated as much as possible
  • agricultural technique is easy to handle and maintain
  • equipment is multifunctional and can be used in other production processes
  • allows the cultivated areas to be reduced, increasing the volume of production

In addition to the harvesting platform, Codru ST has machines for mechanical soil processing, and a new fertigation and automated irrigation system has been installed throughout the cultivation area.

Fruits collected with use of the harvesting platform are transported on special platforms to the cold store or in the trucks to be exported or transported to the packing house.