Drying fruits | CodruST



We offer uniform dehydration processing services for several types of horticultural crops: apples, plums, cherries and other fruits and vegetables.

In addition to calibrating, sorting and washing the fruits, we also ensure their drying by means of the tunnel-type drying line.

We apply the first-in first-out (FIFO) principle based on automated temperature and humidity control.

The procedure is used to eliminate excess water in fruits and vegetables in such a way that they maintain their nutritional and taste qualities: taste, smell, aroma and of dry matter quantity.

Technological capabilities of our dehydration services

  • Drying capacity of 30 tons of product in 24 hours, which ensures high productivity;
  • Tunnel type with several stages of drying: auto-evaporation, evaporation and dehydration itself, all in automated mode;
  • Processing and drying capacity for several types of fruits: apples, plums, cherries, etc.
  • Pitting machines and equipment cutting the fruits in the form of slices and pieces.


  • Uniform fruit processing by dehydration leads to improved quality of the finished product
  • Possibility of processing at any time of the year
  • High yield due to drying capacity
  • The dehydration process stops the growth of microorganisms, which also reduces the process of fruit alteration
  • Increased added value
  • Extended shelf life of products by reducing the risk of alteration.

The cost of your products can increase at any time of the year by drying them. Thus, increase the cost of your products or shelf life of products that can no longer be stored in cold storage warehouses. Avoid the risk of products alteration!

At present, the drying line has a drying capacity of 30 tons in 24 hours and has the necessary equipment for pitting qnd cutting the fruits in the form of slices and pieces.