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Joint participations

We are a founding member of Moldova Fruct Association and of Wine of Moldova.

Codru ST is a member of the Association of Moldovan Fruits Producers and Exporters Moldova Fruct – a non-commercial organization created by an agreement between the fruit producers in the country.

The Association comprises over 170 of Moldova’s most important producers and exporters of fruits and aims to create a favorable environment for the development of the horticultural industry, increase the competitiveness of Moldovan fruits, promote the consumption of fruits on the national market and diversify the international markets.

Codru ST provides services at the request of members of the association and is open to various training programs and experience exchange in the planning and creation of agricultural plantations.

The purpose of participation in the association’s activities is healthy competitive development and promotion of high-quality fruits on the country’s territory as well as abroad.

Codru ST is in close collaboration with the largest wine companies participating in the Wine of Moldova program.

The purpose of the program is to support and promote local winegrowers and winemakers, to promote winemaking products on the international market and to continuously improve the raw material, which makes Moldova’s wines consistent with world trends. Codru ST provides wine producers with cuttings of winegrapes varieties, from which the best wines from the Republic of Moldova are then produced.

Services provided and products offered to members of Moldova Fruct Association and National Office for Vine and Wine Wine of Moldova:

  • Production and distribution of cuttings, seedlings, trees planting material
  • Fruit storage
  • Sorting and packaging fruit
  • Packaging solutions

Co-founder and member of the Board of Directors of the Moldova Fruct Association

Member of the Board of the National Bureau of Vine and Wine “Wine of Moldova”

Member and President of the Association of Wine Nurseries „Vitas„

Donations and sponsorships

We believe that we promote initiatives of people with good intentions, and when we have the possibility, we also offer support for their implementation. These activities contribute to the development of local communities, the preservation of traditions or the education of the population.

We had supported some of the initiatives of the organizations below:

  • Medico-Social Philanthropic Foundation “Angelus Moldova”
  • Foundation „Misie”
  • „Peresecina” Public Association
  • City Hall of Lozova
  • State Protection and Guard Service
  • Public Association „Crystal Star „
  • The Public Association of Veterans of Straseni district