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Codru ST has been growing table grapes since 2000. Plantations are located in the central part of the country on slopes with southern exposure and fertile soils, which provide optimal conditions for the growth and ripening of grapes, namely: high interaction with the sun’s rays and the sum of annual temperatures are favorable for the ripening of grapes. Vineyards are equipped modern irrigation and dripping systems, which significantly contribute to the development of good quality bunches of uniform grape berries.

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Moldova is the most popular table grape variety in the country. This variety has the following characteristics: neutral taste, long shelf life and high transportability. Ripening is late. The grapes of this variety have a cylindrical or conical shape, weight from 380 g to 1 kg. Specialists carefully monitor and care for the clusters throughout the entire production cycle.


have cylindrical or conical shape, with an approximate weight from 380 grams to 1 kilogram.

Grape berries

large elongated (20-30 mm), thick-skinned, but at the same time delicate, of blue-violet color, covered with a thick bloom.


juicy, crispy and colorless.


sweet, slightly sour, without strident notes.

Other characteristics

can be stored between 100 and 120 days in a cold storage. Very good transportability. Can be sorted manually both during harvest and before shipment.

Availability schedule

septemer – february

Availability at the moment

november 2018: not available