Corporate social responsibility | CodruST

Corporate social responsibility

Our most important asset is people – our employees, collaborators, partners, employees’ families. We try to offer them a stable job at home, where they can feel useful and respected – because they worth it.

Working side by side with agricultural experts from US, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, etc., we invested not only in improving product quality but also in developing a safer and healthier work environment for employees.

In the work process we ensure the safety and protect the health of employees in all aspects: transport, accommodation, uniforms, protective equipment, etc.

Codru ST always invests in the professional development of employees and in attracting the best workforce.



Technical feature

All processes in the enterprise meet international quality standards, supported by the existence of packing house, packaging assembly lines.

Our employees are involved in modern, ergonomic and efficient machinery and work processes, provided by the most popular industry manufacturers in the world.

The organization and technical fit-out of Codru ST with cold storage warehouse, assembly lines, sorting, calibration and drying equipment allows the company to meet all the quality standards of storage and packaging techniques for exporting fruits to the international market.



Staff training programs are organized within Codru ST. Workers are trained how to use personal protective equipment, prevention and monitoring measures at each stage of production such as harvesting, post-harvesting, storage, sorting, and packaging of agricultural products.

Employees are also informed about the requirements for orchards protection, environmental risks and measures to prevent them.


Codru ST provides transportation for workers to and from plantations. The company also takes care of the arrangement and maintenance of access roads and harvesting / unloading locations.

Codru ST pays special attention to labeling to markings in hazardous areas on the company’s premises and on the work grounds. Thus, employees are cautioned about the speed limits for the means of transport during the movement and other risks that may occur in the work process.


Codru ST offers help to ensure employees with a decent living place if they need to move their place of residence.


ST Costr has committed offering lunch breaks to the employees, providing all the necessary conditions for food hygiene.

Safety and

work safety

To protect the life and health of employees throughout the enterprise and in all plantations, hazards and risks are identified for each field of activity and necessary measures are taken to prevent and mitigate these hazards.


In the places or stages considered dangerous we placed information panels with the necessary information about the work tools/equipment with all specific technical specifications.

In addition to staff training and qualification, information panels are placed throughout the enterprise, describing all the details specific to certain work tasks.



We designed and procured specialized uniforms for our employees, considering the needs of movement, mobility and flexibility in movement as well as the environment in which they will be used.

The uniforms of Codru ST are personalized in accordance with the scope of activity within the company and is equipped with additional protective equipment for the eyes, head, ear or other parts of the body.

In addition to safety, the comfort of employees is an important criterion in the work process. Therefore, clothing is designed in such a way as to maximize the work of each specialist.

For workers’ safety, external pockets have been excluded from uniforms design and replaced with internal pockets with special protection and tool holders.

The clothing was adapted to the movements that workers perform during work so that they do not encounter difficulties in the process and avoid the risk of possible accidents.

Local community


Codru ST supports local community activities and participates in various development projects. In order to protect the environment, a major priority in corporate policy is to preserve clean and healthy the environment of the communities in which it operates.

Codru ST supports and valorises the country’s traditions, participating in the cultural and educational events to which we are invited, and promotes the interest in nature science among young people, by organizing occasional trips for all those interested in knowing the specifics of the agricultural field.

At present, Codru ST has 230 jobs and contributed to the economic growth of the commune by providing employees with good working conditions and a higher salary than the market average established on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.