Sorting apples | CodruST



We own a modern line of sorting and calibration of apples according to color, diameter and defects parameters.

The equipment allows the delivery of sorted products according to the customer’s needs and requirements, as well as the detection of apples that do not comply with the standards.

Increased quality control is due to the attention we provide to each stage of the sorting process: starting with loading the fruit from the containers on the line and finishing with the placement of each fruit in custom-made packaging.

Exact sorting and calibration of fruits is due to an advanced computing and identification system managed by the computer. The line is equipped with video devices, which together with the automated computer settings allow the sorting of fruit according to several parameters: color, calibration limits and degree of damage to the fruit.

Technological capabilities of the sorting line:

  • Sorting and calibration capacity of 6 tons / hour.
  • Fruits are transported in bundles in a unitary mode, allowing real-time product analysis.
  • Special washing systems do not affect the integrity of the fruits.
  • Calibration and sorting station by size and color allows the selection of fruits quickly and accurately according to the needs of customer and their mediated packaging.
  • Product Quality Scan Station for detecting and eliminating non-conformities.


  • Strict monitoring of each stage of product quality control.
  • The sorted fruits are ready for packaging and delivery according to customer / market standards.
  • Immediate identification and exclusion of injured fruits and those in which the altering process started.
  • Productivity and high yield due to high sorting capacity.

If there are damaged fruits on the sorting line, they are detected by the quality scanning system and eventually removed from production.

All sorting stages are monitored in real-time by qualified specialists.