Business, family and short history | CodruST

Business, family and

short history

Ion and Angela Chilianu

Codru ST is an agricultural company specialized in the growing, preservation, processing and selling of fruits and planting material for fruits and grapes.

The company was set up as a limited liability company in 1992 by businessman Ion Chilianu.

Since then, we have seen a steady rise, both in terms of turnover and equipment modernization, volume of production and marketing as well as applied innovations and value chain integration.

Marketing Manager
Ana-Maria Haliplii

The main activity of the company is the cultivation of fruits and of planting material for fruit trees and grapes. Innovative technologies applied to soil cultivation, growing fruit-crops in the nursery, designing, arranging and caring for orchards provide high quality fruit harvest that is competitive for export to both traditional and alternative markets.

All varieties produced are selected according to market requirements and meet international quality standards.

Currently, Codru ST is a

producer of apples, plums, table grapes, nuts and planting material, including grape cuttings and seedlings for agriculture, horticulture and forestry.

Codru ST owns 300 hectares of super-intensive orchards, and its own fruit packaging center with a packing room and an apple sorting line with a capacity of more than 5,000 tons, making the company the largest fruits producer in the country.

Over the years, we have been able to grow our business and integrate the entire value chain of fruit with the support of our development partners. Today we produce seedlings with which we complete our perennial plantings, we harvest fruits, which we sort and pack in our own packaging center or dehydrate and then sell.

Sales Director
Mihai Chilianu

We are proud of the outcome of our work and the social impact that we create in the localities where we operate.

We also provide to other farmers services of storage, sorting, fruit packing, as well as sell planting material and offer consultancy to increase the value of their businesses.




Was established Codru ST SRL by Mr. Ion Chilianu. The experience gained as a warehouse manager at a fruit and vegetable factory, as well as a specialized education received at the faculty of merciology and food trade at Chisinau State University, led him to choose the horticultural sector as his main field of activity.

1992 – 1996

Together with his wife Angela Chilianu and business partner Nicolae Ciobanu, the company supported local producers, providing financial and petroleum resources and active involvement in fruitы growing processes, with the aim of purchasing agri-food products and exporting them to the Russian market.

1996 – 2000

Codru ST has participated in the Agro-Food Financing and Consultation Project supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the National Federation of Farmers in Moldova. For three years, the US government has provided grants and trained entrepreneurs how to properly and efficiently cultivate apples, table grapes, stone fruits, how to plan farmland and look for new markets.

2000 – 2002

Codru ST began to consolidate land to increase yields per hectare and achieve competitive quality of fresh fruits in the international market. The works were conducted according to the practical instructions learned during the seminars attended by Ion Chilianu in the USA.

During the same period, Codru ST was developing apple production and investing in performant equipment, becoming one of the first owners of a cold storage warehouse in Moldova.


Codru ST participated in the “First Agricultural Project” supported by the National Federation of Farmers, the Government and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Moldova. The purpose of the project was to import the viticultural material and the rootstock from Italy. At the end of the program, Codru ST started profiling in the production of planting material for vineyards and the sale of high-quality cuttings of grapes.


With the help of Dutch specialists, Codru ST started its profiling in cultivation of planting material in the nursery, and became a producer of knup-baum planting material for apple-trees and of planting material for plums.

2004 – 2010

Codru ST extends its land, continues its research and investment in crops quality management and expands its sales market. The progress achieved was appreciated with high-level awards granted by the President of the Republic of Moldova.

2010 – 2018

Codru ST owner, Ion Chilianu, together with his son Mihai Chilianu, developed and implemented advanced technologies for planting orchards, producing fruit-trees planting material and preserving fruits, thus becoming an important exporter of fruits on the local and international market.