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The company has lines for assembling cardboard and wooden boxes

We offer cardboard and wooden boxes assembly services.

We have 2 lines of assembling packing for fruits and vegetables:

  • modern cardboard box assembly line
  • automated assembly line for wooden boxes

The assembly line offers a great capacity to produce packaging. Thus, we can automatically produce 1000 wooden boxes and 2500 cardboard boxes per hour. This service helps save product delivery times and create personalized orders by offering a finished product ready for export.

Production capacity

per hour


lăzi din lemn pe oră


cutii din carton pe oră

Packaging is assembled according to the standards of export of horticultural products on international markets and can be customized to the requirements and needs of the client.


  • Personalized orders adapted to customer storage needs.
  • High production yield due to the high technical capabilities of packaging creation.
  • Saving the delivery time of the product.
  • Finished product is ready for export on the international market.

For the storage and transportation of fresh fruits we offer several packaging solutions and types of packaging, suitable for different markets of fresh fruits export:


  • Open cardboard boxes
  • Wooden boxes for packing apples
  • Wooden boxes for packaging plums, cherries, apricots and table grapes

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