Plantations | CodruST


The soils of the Republic of Moldova are appreciated for their diversity and fertility, being one of the most valuable in the South Eastern Europe. The favorable climate and the natural qualities of the soil created all the necessary conditions for fruit plantations.

Codru ST has its plantations located in the central part of the Republic of Moldova, characterized by both good soils and a favorable climate for apple culture, as well as for the cultivation of kernel fruits and table grapes. The altitude of the land where the plantations are located is about 150 meters above sea level.


We see ourselves pioneers in the country in the adoption of new techniques and technologies, namely in application of intensive and super intensive crop systems in apple and cherry plantations (new plantation), by ensuring drip irrigation and fertirrigation systems for plum and table grape plantations.

The average expected yield per hectare of the apple plantation is about 40-50 tonnes.

For the efficiency of the production, the stable harvesting and the high quality of the fruits, the orchards of the Codru ST property are equipped with:

  • Fertilization units for the control of the fertilizing substances necessary for the crops
  • Drip irrigation system for controlling the amount of water needed for culture
  • Anti-hail nets
  • Plant support systems