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We strongly believe that the success of a multiannual plantation, under the current market conditions, depends directly on the quality of the planting material used for their establishment.

Healthy planting material (free from viral, phytoplasmic and bacterial diseases), favors the high quality of plantation, thus providing the necessary energy for development. The planting of Standard and Certified biological categories complies with all EU requirements.


Production of grape seedlings of fruit tree seeds is one of the long-term business areas of Codru ST.
Since 2000, in order to develop our own multiannual plantations and to meet the needs of our guild colleagues, as well as the growing demand in the local market, we have created a nursery in which we produce breeding and planting materials for fruit trees and vineyards.


The quality of the vineyard and fruit-trees planting materials produced by Codru-ST is confirmed by the impeccable care of all nursery compartments as well as by the biological value certificate for planting material that is issued annually by the authorized national public authority.On the other hand, the perennial plantations that have been established by agricultural companies in our country and abroad also testify to the good quality of the planting material supplied by our company. These plantations are characterized by an energetic aspect of plants with a high annual yield of grapes and fruits. The quality of grapes and fruits is exceptional and can satisfy the most refined taste of consumers.

At present, vineyard nursery produces a wide range of grafted vines, including table varieties and technical varieties. And in the fruit trees nursery there are many varieties of grafted apple and plum trees.


Professional consultancy services:

In addition to selling high-quality planting materials for orchards and vineyards of high biological value and excellent morpho-anatomical quality, Codru ST also offers professional consulting services provided by the best experts in the Republic of Moldova:

  • Development of projects for the creation of vineyards and fruit plantations;
  • Evaluation of agricultural lands suitable for growing vineyards and orchards;
  • Soil analysis – assessment of utility for growing vineyards and fruit trees;
  • Choosing the right scion / rootstock combination, as well as placement on agricultural land;
  • Development of a Passport and a Project to create perennial plantations;
  • Work to create (including planting material quality control) and care for young perennial plantations (including cultivation of vineyards and orchards);
  • Care of perennial fruit plantations;
  • Assistance in the design and installation of irrigation, anti-hail, anti-rain and frost protection systems;
  • Preparation of a dossier with application documents for subsidies to the Agricultural Intervention and Payments Agency (AIPA)